Why Blog?

Why Blogging Is Important.


And Why Blog For Business?

Experience that Ah-ha moment and realize Why blogging is important…


VALUE is what people want,
VALUE is what you give them with Blogging.

Blogging cuts straight to the core of what your target market is searching for online.

When you deliver quality content onto the web, specific to the niche you’re targeting – You’re putting the best quality bait in front of the exact fish you’re trying to catch.


Building a Following is like building a wall. One brick after the next.
Do it well… and you’ve built something to last.

Creating a relationship with your readership begins with those first magic words. But a key to why blogging is important, is that you get to nurture that relationship simply by building out your blog and sharing it.


Like the sound of Multiple CALLS-TO-ACTION?

Why blog for business? Because with each blog post, you can add a sprinkling of offers that tailor to you target market’s needs.

Is travel your niche? Why not write a blog about the top resorts in the Caribbean and showcase some promotions so that both you and your readership benefit.

Building a fitness business? You could write a blog about the best practices for loosing weight and promote your lasted fitness course along side.

Blogs can be Win-win all the way.



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“What’s a Tried and Tested Free form of Marketing?”

Blogging started when the first domains hit the web. It’s proven to be a very lucrative method of reaching your target market. Partly because it cost next to nothing to set up and expand. A simple domain and cheap hosting can start you off. From there, the sky is the limit.

Consumer Lead Credibility.

Heard of Google and Facebook? Their algorithms are lead by the what the consumer wants because they want to give their customers the best user experience. One of the biggest reasons for Why blogging is important, is that blogs are just the kind of content that the likes of Google and Facebook want to put in front of their audiences.

Expand your readership by landing subscribers.

If someone’s taking the time to explore your blog, there’s a good chance that there’s something that they’re resonating with. Your blog opt-in form gives your potential prospects the chance to become life-long readers. You build you list with people who like what you have to say. Things couldn’t be better for business.

Your Voice is your power…

Why Blog? Because blogging will help you in finding your voice. Clarifying your message on the page and practicing this consistently, just like any good blogger, is one of the best ways to gain confidence in what you’re delivering to your audience. The more you share. The easier it will become.

Serious Bloggers are in Business

Some people blog for a hobby. Great bloggers, they blog for a hobby and get paid for it.

Your blog mastery could be the ticket that makes THE difference between a past time and dream time.



One of the most rewarding reasons for Why blogging is important. Is that is connects us with ‘giving to others.’

When we deliver a high Value blog to an individual searching for a solution. We’ve just given someone a helping hand.

Sure, this can help our business in the long run. But more importantly, we’ve just added something positive to the world.

Mark Ford – Blogging Expert

Why Blog For Business?

Do you want to really want to discover the power behind blogging and how it can impact your business?

Learn from the master blogger Mark Ford the skills and strategies that can help you play the blogging game in big way.

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G.Balfas - Internet Marketer and Actor:

I just signed up. Why didn't I pay $97 for this blogging eBook??? It's brilliant. Nice images with expert help on how to get started making your own income. The user experience is high and makes me want to get back writing again.

Gil Balfas
Gil Balfas GilBalfas.com

Pete Harris - Digital Marketer and Home Business Coach:
I would just like to thank Mark Ford for the two days training that I spent with him one on one. It was very intensive and very productive. Mark Ford has made things a lot clearer for me in the setting up of my home business.
I thoroughly recommend Mark Ford's training. Thank you Mark for all your ongoing help and support. It is much appreciated.

Pete Harris
Pete Harris Pete Harris Marketing.com