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Third party platforms have rules and limitations that you have to abide by. The changes they make can affect you. It also makes it hard to track your content. By having your own blog, you can create your own list where people have subscribed to receiving information from you.

Social media is competitive

Social media has more competition because of the number of users competing for attention. Currently, there are 2.38 Billion users on Facebook, 1 Billion on Instagram, and 126 million on Twitter. Why people choose their own blog vs social media is purely because one user could have liked many posts without necessarily reading the post. There is so much of content that’s put in front of these users in a matter of seconds. With a blog, it’s just your content, and the chances of building a genuine and robust following are high whereas on social media the chances are that there’s often a mass following with little strength.

Why people choose their own blog vs social media?

Lack of engagement on social media compared to blogs

Why people choose their own blog vs social media is because of the number of users and the quantity of content that users are fed with. Social media is crowded. “Liking” can only show the popularity of a post but there’s no way to track if the post has been read thoroughly and even if you are bridging followers from social media to your posts on your blog. Users on social media are used to quick feeds because of short attention span, hence why it’s essential to create unique content and have unique titles that will catch your market’s attention.

The content belongs to you

You can write your way, i.e. using humour, being quirky, write a long or short article, express your own views, the content is signed off with yours or your company name, and the platform is also yours. It’s your space (basically your online building in the world wide web) and not a third party’s building. This is a huge reason why people choose their own blog vs social media.

Have control over your content including its distribution

Currently, Facebook has 2 billion searches per day from 2.5 trillion posts. The chances are slim, but with blogging, you can use several methods to be found and then use social media to give it a bit more visibility. Social media is mainly used for marketing, whereas blogs are long-term strategies that do the marketing for you. Why people choose their own blog vs social media is because you can use various tools, i.e. keywords research, search engine optimization, backlinks and other ways to boost your ranking and get yourself in front of a massive audience within your market.

You can be creative with your content and have freedom of expression

Third party platforms have limitations while on your own blog, you can choose to let your creativity shine. You can design your blog the way you want using videos, infographics, podcasts, advertise products or even events you’re promoting, which is affiliated with your products and who you are. You have complete freedom to express yourself.

Algorithms on your website don’t change

Another huge reason why people choose their own blog vs social media is that if you’ve got a massive following on social media and then there are some changes on the platform, i.e. updates or algorithms your chances of success changes altogether. With social media, you have to spend more if you want to reach a wider audience.

Why people choose their own blog vs social media is because a blog is a long-term strategy

The content on your blog will remain there for years the beauty is that as your reflections change, you can update your blogs and repurpose them. Putting your readership and followers first and by consistently reviewing what they’d like to see on your blog or read about will keep the interest and engagement going. Your content is quickly forgotten on social media and replaced with a new piece of content by another user.

You and your company are here to stay while social media boosts your presence

Your blog over time becomes a database where new followers can dig through and find further information to pain points which they would never have known about when arriving at your blog. The chances of them finding your content is because others are talking about how the information on your blog helped them, you come up under search results, somewhere they’ve seen your article but never got round to reading it or somewhere they heard of your name. The chances of someone having access to the internet is higher than someone who is not on social media. A blog builds a presence on the world wide web over time, and an excellent blog is hard to take away from the search results, especially if you’re helping people in masses for years.

Why people choose their own blog vs social media?

Your previous hard work pays off even in the present

Even though you’re not sitting in front of your computer working on your blog every day, you will find that your previous blog posts still bring you and your company results even though you still maintain it say once, twice or three times a week. Perhaps recently, there’s a particular search around a specific topic and viola, your post comes up and viola, your post goes viral. With social media, there’s no way your post will resurface, forget it but the chances of your posts on your blog serving people even after a few years are pretty strong.

Build a respectable brand abiding by values

Why people choose their own blog vs social media is because a blog forces you to stay on top of your business if you really want to build a reputable brand. A company is forced to look at what they publish through feedback and engagement on all levels, i.e. whether they’re using social media and blogging. A company that wants to build a robust and respectable brand will put its customers first by researching and putting original content to the questions that are being asked or the challenges the market or their customers are facing. This forces a company to find a different solution out there and to take their research on a new level.

Blogs connect you to followers who are aligned to you

While building your brand, you will find all sorts of followers coming to read your blogs, follow you on social media but it’s over time that you see who are aligned to you or your company. In the beginning, the following, feedback, and graphs (I refer to tracking) go up and down, but as you continue taking momentum, you would be able to see whether you’re taking an upward momentum or a downward dip and what you need to do. With growing a business, you learn how to develop your blogging skills; you learn to care more (in fact, you’re forced to) as things are taking shape. The challenges that come with just writing a blog even evolves a person which is needed to take a business on the next level. Those are the businesses that remain sustainable, i.e. the ones who are willing to grow along with putting their followers at the forefront.

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