According to Hubspot’s research, 55% of marketers say that blogging or content creation is the top of their priority.

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  • According to my research, I’ve compiled the following:77% of internet users regularly read blogs. In the old days we had newspapers, and these days everything is online. Almost every home’s got a computer, Wi-Fi or access to the internet.
  • Businesses that have a blogging strategy can generate an incredible amount of leads. The reason why blogs are news vehicles for the future is that companies have taken their customer service online as well. Businesses are advancing along with technology, automating what can be automated in order to better their services.
  • Businesses that have a marketing department and budgets set aside for marketing can maximise their potential through paid and unpaid marketing. Unpaid marketing like blogging can be repurposed and even get a reach organically using social media, but the reason why blogs are news vehicles of the future is that businesses are always going to be around whether products or services evolve in the future services are moving online more and more.
Why blogs are news vehicles of the future
  • A blog post with 1, 600 words takes roughly seven minutes to read. A blog post with 1000 words or more has a higher chance to generate leads then a post with less content.
  • Consumers have a more positive outlook after reading a blog or the content on a company’s website. Consumers come to your website to find the best product suitable for their needs, but they might not likely be influenced to buy only by reading your blog but by reading the comments on the blog.
  • People who shop online spend time reading and looking at reviews of the products they plan to buy. If a potential customer has read the blog, some comments looked at the product, and its reviews they’re likely to have their decision made.
  • Blog posts with more than 1000 words rank higher on Google and grow organic traffic.
  • Blogging attracts repeat customers because customers come back for fresh content and want to stay updated.
  • According to, 356 million people reading blogs and there are 900 000 blog posts on average every 24 hours, hence why blogs are news vehicles of the future.
  • Small businesses and start-ups use blogging to attract new customers. Small businesses understand that having a website, updating the blog, the news feeds gives businesses the chance to compete. Your online shop can look just as good as your competitor even if you’ve been running your business for two years compared to a competitor who has been running their business for 15 years.
  • Companies who maintain their blogs regularly increase their visibility through blogging. Having a website is like having a shop in the middle of nowhere but being active on your website and making efforts to get your content out there, driving traffic to your site, getting eyes on your products, services and blog posts is bound to get people’s attention the more you’re persistent and consistent.
  • Within minutes you can reach a broad audience, and this is one of the most significant advantages compared to back then why blogs are news vehicles of the future.
  • Companies become thought leaders and the authority in their industry over time through research and blogging. Your authority will come through from the engagement you receive via the comments you receive on your blog, the reviews of your products and feedback.
  • With the use of social media, you can expand your audience and reach. Once you’ve posted a blog, you can post a notice on all your social media platforms so that your followers are notified. You can also have people subscribe to your newsletter, create a list and engage with customers and potential customers about new products.
  • If you are an upcoming writer, then blogging can bring a lot of ratings to a writer and their content while the writer can also use multiple ways to get readers to engage with their content. One type of example could be using social media.
  •  If you can produce quality blog content, you are already ahead as marketers are finding this a challenge; to keep creating quality blog content. If you have a unique voice along with creativity, you have the chance to stand out.
  • Did you know that blogging quality content costs 62% less than traditional marketing; hence why blogs are news vehicles of the future.
  • More and more brands are investing in bloggers, which is opening up a lot of opportunity for writers.
  • People want to read the blogger’s content that feels real, authentic, and see research backing up their content.
  • Brands are looking for authenticity so that they can resonate with the consumer. The market is always transforming, and trends keep changing. What might have worked for 21 years olds a few years ago requires a different approach today.
Why blogs are news vehicles of the future
  • Content is king. If you look around to see what marketers are using to create brand awareness and reach then you would be able to see that everything marketers are creating, i.e. images, videos, stories and interest around a brand is all content creation on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.
  • There are millions of people out there who do want to read your content, but you just haven’t reached them yet. There are ways to get your blog out there to the public for free or for a couple of dollars. With some research, you can find where your audience hangs out and how you can put your content in front of them for free or for a couple of dollars.
  • Readers are always on a lookout for fresh content. After doing some research, you will have a clue about what your competitors are putting out. You might find that reading one blog is like reading the rest. You have the freedom to really come up with an angle that your competitors haven’t yet discussed, especially if you’re a passion-driven business.
  • The way your blog is designed is more important than ever. One of the main reasons why readers stick around is because of first impressions. Being creative with your design says a whole lot about you, your standards and even to some extent the quality, i.e. if you’re using buzz words, new technology or if your site loads quickly. The design and style have added a touch to the reader’s experience and also tells them that you take pride in your passion
  • The more you create blog posts, and the more you learn how to work smart while giving value, there’s a high chance of some of your articles going viral.

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