Why blogging works for a business

A business needs to have an online presence so that they could be at the front-end answering questions, providing value and stand out from their competition.

Blogging, along with social media, can be compelling for your business.  

  • One of the reasons why blogging works for a business is because it enables your business to compete.

Perhaps there are so many companies selling the same type of services as your business. Blogging helps your business by showing how and why your services are different compared to other businesses in the same niche as yours. It also tells customers about your experience and expertise in this business.

  • Another excellent reason why blogging works for a business is whether you’re a starting out, running a business for five years or even fifteen your “web shop” can come across professional and that won’t put people off from coming to your website. As long as you’re giving value and your products aren’t putting off the readers, you could come across as a company who plays with the big boys.
Having a blog allows you to target potential customers.
  • Having a blog allows you to target potential customers.

Having a blog is almost like passive selling. Companies who have blogs don’t use their blogs for direct selling. By coming across passively, you are putting value first, which will likely bring you clients and people asking for your service.

  • Credible facts your “web shop” provides is why blogging works for a business.

While you’re building a readership and followers, you’re building brand awareness. Your evidence is based on the comments and people engaging. Your business comes across as booming through engagement.

  • Blogging is a free route to marketing your company.

By keeping your website up to date and consistently sharing new content, you’re promoting your company. By leading with value, your readers might recommend your site to others, which leads me to the next point.

  • You’ve put your company in front of buyers and the right audience.

By blogging and using social media, you learn how to put yourself in front of your target audience. Today you can find groups where your target audience hangs out and engage on pages using your website and your content.

Blogging helps to boost your website traffic.
  • Blogging helps to boost your website traffic.

By using keywords, unique blog titles, getting social, your content can become viral. The more you tackle pain points and know your business like the back of your hand, the value you give will bring more and more people with their pain points to your website. People are looking for genuine content and prefer to get their information from liable sources who can put themselves in the shoes of their audience.

Why blogging works for businesses because of the level of exchange and interaction a company can have with its readers or audience. As a company is making their presence with their customers, they’re also building a relationship. The business can choose to be personal or profession depending on the type of content.

  • Your company will gain authority in the marketplace.

By knowing your business like the back of your hand, working with customers and potential customers day in and day out you know the products, the customer’s pain points, the common questions that come up and even the solution for it as you build your business. You might also gain better insight, knowledge and knowing what your competitors are doing and not doing will push you to write about things that are not talked about in your expertise.  By being honest potential customers and customers will want to stay loyal purely because you’re not selling them something that you know won’t work. In the end, they will buy from you because they like you and not the product. If the product isn’t right, you’re going to tell them why and they will appreciate that and remember your company. This is one of the top reasons why blogging works for a business.

By using SEO strategies, analytics alongside tracking, reviewing sales, product reviews and comments, you get essential marketing insights.
  • By using SEO strategies, analytics alongside tracking, reviewing sales, product reviews and comments, you get essential marketing insights.

Why blogging works for a business is because companies want to grow their business and having the basics isn’t enough. By looking into the insights and analysing why some products are more popular than others will help you find new topics to write about and ditch the stock you hold or ditch a particular service that isn’t popular. You might add in another product instead that you can make a profit on and help your customers. It’s a win-win. Looking at the statistics around the country, area, price, product reviews and comments all collectively help you improve your business as a whole.

  • The reason why blogging works for your business is that it increases your search engine rankings.

Blogging provides you with the opportunity to meet the needs of your customers by using fresh content and consistently delivering value. Over time your search engine ranking improves as you stay on top of your business, social media and “web shop”. By bringing out new topics, ideas and discussions in the market that are not talked about and by the feedback you receive, you’ll always have something new to lead with.

  • The huge reason why blogging works for a business is so that a company can generate sales and leads.  

For all the research, blogging, feedback and analysis, you’re bound to get a return on investment. The challenge is that whether you have or don’t have a marketing department the blogging you’re doing is generating leads while you’re marketing. You’re also generating traffic and leads. Leaving a call to action on your blog is a subtle sales technique rather than coming across aggressive.

  • Blogging helps your company strengthen its core values alongside brand values.

By being consistent with blogging, you are going to get a lot of people contacting you as well as offers for collaborating. You will want to consider who you collaborate with carefully because you want to maintain an excellent reputation for the hard work you’re putting into your business, after all, you are building a long term business and not in it for the short term gains.

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