Why blogging helps SEO

One of the best things you can do is blogging if you want to rank high in the search engines.

Why blogging helps SEO 1 – The topics you’re writing about are hot topics

If you’re updating your blog regularly and writing about hot topics and your posts are of high quality, then this will help with your ranking.

Why blogging helps SEO 2 – Your blog becomes popular

As people read your posts and share it, your ranking increases. It sounds cliché, but content is king. The better the quality of your posts, the higher the likelihood is of it been shared along with an increase in visitors to your site. Distributing your posts also helps to gain readership.

Why blogging helps SEO 3 – The more quality posts, the higher the ranking

The more quality content you have, the more you increase your URLs. Ultimately it all depends on the content though. Google favours large sites that have a lot of content. So, the more posts, the more pages, and the more URLs to index and the higher the chances are of ranking on the top results in search engines. Yes, I am saying the more chances to get to the number 1 spot on the search engine page.  

Blogging helps to keep your website updated

Why blogging helps SEO 4 – Blogging helps to keep your website updated

There are so many companies who have a website but don’t update it. It’s like having a store with goods and not maintaining it or providing an excellent service so that customers come back. Search engines check when websites are updated, which is a sign that your “online business” is being taken care of so that they can send customers to it. Blogging shows the search engines that your website isn’t outdated.

Why blogging helps SEO 5 – Optimise your blog through SEO tactics using keywords

This is one big reason why blogging helps SEO. By researching words, sentences that people use in the search engine for products, services and other things people are looking for can help you better position your post on the search engine results page. You will be able to pull in people who are typing the keywords from your research because of the number of people using those words to find what they’re looking for. The more you research words, the better you’ll get even with long-tailed keywords.

The keywords should make sense and not bunged into one post wherever you can. Additionally, ensure that you have a great title where readers can quickly identify if the posts relate to them or not and use keywords on your title. Also, add keywords in your meta descriptions.

How blogging helps SEO 6 – Blogging keeps people on your website for longer

The more time people spend on your website, the more it tells Google about the content that you have on your site, which adds to your ranking.

How blogging helps SEO 7 – The more you lead with quality, the more sites want to link back to you

Over time other companies will want to link back to your website as you become stronger at authority. If your posts are helping a lot of people, companies who have been using your posts as research over time will want to improve their services. Businesses will link your site to theirs be it a particular article or something that you’ve referred to on one of your posts. Be aware though that must be a natural process, or you could end up violating Google’s terms and conditions. This is a good reason why blogging helps SEO; through links you are getting traffic to your website which helps increase your authority and trust making your site visible, sending traffic to your site and increasing your ranking.

Giving value is the #1 reason why blogging helps SEO and should be the #1 reason why you are blogging in the first place

How blogging helps SEO 8 – Giving value is the #1 reason why blogging helps SEO and should be the #1 reason why you are blogging in the first place

Ranking high on search engine results shouldn’t be on your number one priority. If it happens that your rankings are high naturally that’s because you’ve really added value to people visiting your blog. Linking to your website is just a by-product of the great value you are providing. The more good quality posts, the higher the chances of it being shared, which helps bring traffic to your website. Once you get traffic on your website how you’ve designed your website can help you retain the readers by having an area for people to sign up for “more value”. Using automated systems on the backend of website you can save yourself a whole lot of manual work and have your list receive “a little extra” through a computerised system. People will keep coming back to your site because of the experience they had, have or by the way you make them feel through a personalised touch.

You have more changes through a blog to engage with people through your website, then you would ever get at your store, especially if you are an upcoming business.

How blogging helps SEO 9 – Blogging helps your SEO because Google can connect the same content to your posts on social media

By distributing your content through to all your social media accounts, there is more about that specific article or yourself that people searching on the search engines find about you. As long as you stick to the exact title of your article or some piece of the description from your article you will boost your SEO through social media.

How blogging helps SEO 10 – Why blogging helps SEO through images and videos

By adding pictures and videos in your blog posts and giving the caption a title using your researched keywords or the title of the post itself helps your article to be found even further from just the use of keywords in the text. Don’t forget to add the keywords or the title of the blog in the description box and the alt-text area when posting your blog.

How blogging helps SEO 11 – Make your blog mobile-friendly

Today there are more visits on site through mobile phones than there are through a PC or a laptop. You don’t want to miss out on visits when we live in an era where people are on their mobile phones while they’re on the train, bus, in a car, in a restaurant, bar or walking. Ensure that your site loads fast because of the time people have at looking at something before deciding to move onto something else. It’s good to link your blogs to social media platforms so that the reader can hit share in a second.

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