Why blogging gives you freedom

Why blogging gives you freedom 1 – You want to get out of a full-time job

Perhaps you had a full-time job working for a newspaper company, a magazine, or even write content for a marketing firm? You’re looking to start something on your own because you’re a single parent, tired of trading your time to make someone else successful, have become ill and can see that you have to leave your job, have no time freedom and no financial freedom.

Why blogging gives you freedom 2 – Why blogging gives you freedom with content and creative voice

You adhere/adhered to company policies and have/had to bottle up specific ideas. Starting your own blog gives you the freedom to use the ideas that you long thought of or couldn’t apply for the company you work/worked for. Through updating your company’s blog, writing their articles, monitoring the feedback you’ve quickly come to understand what the market reacts to and how and what type of value you provide to them. You’ll be able to take these learnings to your own business and blog. Blogging gives you the freedom to showcase your creativity in ways that other bloggers might not even be doing.

Why blogging gives you freedom

Why blogging gives you freedom 3 – You play by your rules

Perhaps you’ve worked for the marketing department in a company for years or even as a freelance writer, a journalist or a firm that needed your writing skills. You’ve had to do things their way even if you knew better. Perhaps the articles you were writing weren’t close to your heart, and you’re just doing it to pay the bills until you get your own business up and running. Once you have your own blog, you know the rules and make your own rule book. You choose what goes onto your blog.

Why blogging gives you freedom 4 – Making blogging and writing a full-time career

Now that you’re a blogger on a consistent level, you can take your skills further and earn a bit more money. A lot of people will approach you with time. They’ll ask you to be a ghostwriter for them and pay you for it and companies will contact you and ask you if they can pay you to put their content or mention them in your content.

Why blogging gives you freedom 5 – You can reinvent your career

By blogging and providing value, your ranking will increase. There will be a lot of opportunities coming to you that you can pick and choose from. Opportunities from publishers will even come through. Your blog, ranking and the feedback you’re getting from your audience talks for itself. You can also end up publishing your own book, coaching and training people. There are loads of people who bumped into an even bigger passion through blogging. Your blog is your credentials; your blog is both you and your CV.

Why blogging gives you freedom

Why blogging gives you freedom 6 – You can work from anywhere in the world

Isn’t it great to come to this point in your life? Sit and write having a cocktail by a pool at your favourite destination while enjoying the splashing, people laughing, the hot sunshine on your skin and just enough distraction to be able to give yourself a little break when your eyes are tired from writing. Work and travel at your pace, at your time and at your standards. You decided what you need, what you get, and when you work. This is why blogging gives you freedom beyond your own imagination when you keep working hard and consistently at your business.

Why blogging gives you freedom 7 – Pay yourself for what you’re good at doing and pay others for what they’re good at doing

You can pay others for what they’re good at, especially if you need an assistant so that you can focus on writing only. You can outsource the technicalities, hire an administrator, an entire department to work on different aspects of your business while you focus on what you’re really good at and enjoy and hopefully that is writing. If you enjoy writing and blogging, then you’ll see the payoff over time to why and how blogging gives you freedom.

Why blogging gives you freedom 8 – Why reach the sky and why not be limitless with your talent and creativity?

Blogging gives you the freedom to come across creatively through different mediums like video, podcasts, writing, humour, running a competition, a poll, a recorded Skype call, stories, a popular topic that came up on the news, help change things for the better and improve other people’s lives

Why blogging gives you freedom

Why blogging gives you freedom 9 – Blogging gives you the freedom to help people your way

As you write your blogs, live your life, do the research you think about things more and notice that certain things in the world keep coming up. This is your chance to bridge it through blogging or the messaging you’re giving out to your audience or even random people coming to your blog.

Why blogging gives you freedom 10 – Blogging gives you the freedom to expand your knowledge

When you’ve put aside time in your schedule to blog, I’m sure you’ve already thought about the topic and know it in and out, or you have a topic you want to write about. You urgently want to get it out there because something about it has come up this week and you need to make people aware, but you don’t know much about it in detail; hence you start to research. You discover specific patterns you’ve had or something that you were unaware about, in fact, something so refreshing about it. Not many people have the courage to blog and those who do have the opportunity to research, learn while writing, practise it themselves and teach it to others.

Why blogging gives you freedom 11 – Blogging gives you the freedom to network and meet like-minded individuals

Through your content, you are reaching so many people, and many people will reach out to you. The question is you don’t know what they are looking for, why they’ve contacted you. You have the time to research these individuals or their companies to get a feel for them. You might know in advance why you’ve been contacted or not until you meet or engage in conversations with them. You get to choose who you want to be affiliated with and why.

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