The importance of blogging

  • The importance of blogging is so that you can lead with high-value content

When you do paid advertising, i.e. pay per click on Facebook, YouTube or any other platform you’re doing your keyword research, putting your adverts up but you’re not providing value. What you’re after is the click to take them through to a front landing page to opt-in, and then you provide the value after by your broadcast, following up with them, the boot camp and everything. Here in the case of blogging, you’re leading with value before they even get to a landing page. You’re not necessarily after a sale immediately because you are leading with high-value content that you’ve published on your website.

It’s about who you can help today with your blog post and not about the sale.

  • The importance of blogging is so that you can build a relationship with your subscribers and followers

Because you’re leading with value your followers, subscribers and even those who know your content but haven’t started following you, subscribed or read it will begin to know, like and trust you over time through your content. Apart from only paid advertising, you will start to receive “organic views” purely because of the credibility you’ve built over time by leading with value first.

  • The importance of blogging is a free form of marketing

You’re working with that demographic and sharing information with that demographic after doing your research. You are delivering to them what they want or what it is that they are actually looking for.

The importance of blogging is so that you can become an authority in the marketplace
  • The importance of blogging is so that you can become an authority in the marketplace

Being confident with your market, content and giving value through your blog posts will make you the expert, especially when people provide you with feedback and begin to ask you questions. When starting to blog, you might not think that your market wants to read about what you’re so passionate about. You will be surprised that what you’re thinking about writing is what most people actually want to read.

  • The importance of blogging is so that you can increase your conversions if you do it right

Over time when you become an authority in the marketplace and have served so many people. Those that don’t know you and have found out through others or by other means will search you up and because you have helped so many people it eliminates the know and the trust factors. There will also be those who were looking at your content for a while and finally decide to take action.

  • The importance of blogging is so that you can build a following through the readership and make a list from the call to action

When you create a blog post, you have the opportunity to leave a call to action at the bottom of your post depending on where you are targeting with that particular blog post, people that are coming in with the search engines or whether you’re going to share that blog post with the subscribers to your list. That will determine what type of call to action you will put at the bottom of the blog post.

If you’re targeting readers coming from the search engines, and because you’re targeting a particular keyword that you’ve researched for readers that are going to be dropping into those search engines, then you can link in the call to action out to a landing page so that the blog can serve to building a list to the call to action on the blog post. Say if you were going to share it with your subscribers, then you can drop a link in for a sales page for example.

  • The importance of blogging helps to sharpen your writing skills along with your voice

Like anything, at first it will take a bit of discipline and effort on your part, and once you keep writing and make it part of your routine, you’ll get better at it. The better you get, the more you’re developing your voice. The more you write, the louder your voice gets.

The importance of blogging helps you to make connections
  • The importance of blogging helps you to make connections

When people read your posts and know who you are, you’re likely to meet people from all walks of life, be it at events or functions. People who are passionate about that specific topic on that particular blog post might contact you to team up on a project or might even be able to tell you what you need to do to take your business on the next level.

  • The importance of blogging helps you hold yourself accountable

As you become a disciplined blogger, you learn to manage your time and hold yourself responsible for making sure that your followers and subscribers are getting value. Consistency and continuity grow your business as you grow. The more you receive feedback and action from your blogs, you become more motivated and aware of what your market needs. You hold yourself accountable to learning more skills, i.e. technical with regards to your website to make things efficient so that you can spend time giving value. You will begin to understand what works and doesn’t work. By holding yourself accountable, you are teaching yourself to work with intention. You will be able to accelerate your performance, measure your success and become responsible for your business because of the level of engagement required to keep up your work consistently.

  • The importance of blogging betters your communication skills

As you write with intention you will deliberately use the right language for terms and better your communication skills as you research, explain and educate your readers. The language you use will subconsciously over time form part of the way you come across in written and verbal conversations.

  • The importance of blogging develops your character making you a better person

While researching, educating and explaining to your readers you will be able to serve people better after hearing their challenges through the feedback they provide. It will increase your intention as you share with your readers what worked, what didn’t work and your experience. This personal connection opens up communication to a whole new level where you only come across from the intention of giving value.

  • The importance of blogging will inspire others

As you gain readership, provide value, get feedback and answer questions you will start to get a feel of people’s pain points or even pain points in general with regards to the niche or business you or they’re in. You will be inspired to write about the common pain points which might even inspire others holding back from creating a service for these issues, a product or even a new idea. Your blog could be the seed of someone else’s business, which could likely be successful due to the discovery made on your blog.

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