Just blog and ignore the myths

Just blog and ignore the myths 1 – To start a blog is costly

If you want to begin blogging, it entirely depends on you how much you want to spend and what you’re looking to do. The truth is that when you start out, you want to spend less because you will be learning along the way and will definitely want to tweak things. Along your blogging journey, you will learn through trial and error.

All you need is a domain and a hosting company. The domain costed me something way under $15 for the year and my hosting costs under $20 every month.

Let’s take a look at the yearly cost. $15 + $20 x 12 = $255 a year (remember this amount will be less because my domain costs me less than $15 and my hosting is less than $20 a month)

Just blog and ignore the myths 2 – It’s free to start a blog

There are ways you can blog for free, but you won’t be able to use images, use a personalised touch and the platform will not belong to you.

If you’re planning to make blogging a business, want to earn from it, sell your products and services and retain your efforts then it’s best investing a bit into it initially just to get started, and slowly you can build a blog through learning and implementing your own ideas and strategies. Just imagine when you start making money then you can invest more.

Just blog and ignore the myths

Just blog and ignore the myths 3 – You need to be good at writing

This is where a lot of people get put off when it comes to blogging.

Writing a blog doesn’t mean you need to be an excellent English literature student. If you can write in your language there’s no better way you can really express yourself then adding a little of you into your blog posts.

A successful blog is a blog that can keep people engaged. If you’re good at your profession and want to use blogging to become an authority figure, then people will engage with you and learn from the knowledge you have to share. You have to be able to produce excellent content, but if writing isn’t your strongest force, you can outsource this aspect of your business with the use of ghostwriters.

Blogging doesn’t mean you only need to write. You can use other ways to be creative on your blog, i.e. using videos, podcasts and pictures.

So, another big reason why you should just blog and ignore the myths.

Just blog and ignore the myths 4 – A blogger’s job is only to write

When you take on blogging, you not only commit to producing content, but you also commit to getting your content out. A blogger is like a writer and a publisher in one. There is no point writing content, then putting it onto your blog and then leaving it there. How is anyone going to find it?

The blogger has to learn other skills too. There’s a combination of skills to be learnt from writing an actual piece of content to website skills beginning from the type of platform that best suits your needs, then publishing the content onto your website, then distributing your posts on social media, performing updates, tracking, adding plugins etc.

Why you should continue blogging and ignore this myth is because this knowledge is one of the most important aspects of becoming a successful blogger and get your posts noticed by a broad audience.

Just blog and ignore the myths 5 – There are too many blogs, too many niches and the competition is high

Just blog and ignore the myths because the same goes for a physical business. There will always be competition when it comes to making money. The difference between how you come across compared to your competitors will be down to being different, consistent, providing quality content, keeping your website updated on a regular basis, tracking your feedback, researching what your audience’s pain points are and doing the work to get up the ladder slowly.

Your blog is like opening a business. You’re not going to open a company that you don’t like or aren’t passionate about and starting a business where you think the money is being made might not be the way to go about making money. There’s no point finding out later down the line that you’ve wasted your time in something that didn’t fulfil you, and that’s not making your excited anymore. It will be hard to start all over again and drop the website/blog, which is making you loads of money because you’ve invested in it solely to make money. 

If growing your blog is going to take time in you seeing results then you might as well build a blog in something you enjoy doing and think that you can make a trend out of it, especially if no one else knows about it.

Just blog and ignore the myths

Just blog and ignore the myths 6 – You need more traffic to make more money

Just blog quality content and ignore this myth around the fact that you need more traffic in order to make more money. The truth is that you can have as many people visiting your website, but that doesn’t guarantee that they will buy. Just like any business online or offline, many people will walk in and leave with something while others are just there to check out your new shop. It’s better to have a small amount of traffic coming from your target audience with a small conversion rate than random visitors that aren’t converting.

Readers are looking for value, and the more you engage with them and find out what they need the better articles you’ll right on your blog. You never know how the feedback a few people who you help on your website give you can actually be something that majority of the visitors on your site resonate with. That factor and that one difference can turn your blogs into conversion.

On the back of one blog and its feedback might even result in a coaching session. You never know the turnout by giving it a shot, and you might find that it becomes a career on the side of blogging which comes naturally to you because of the number of months and years you’ve spent writing articles and researching the topics that matter to you and to people out there.

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