Perhaps you are still a teenager who has become a mother or a father at a very young age

You have no idea where to go from here, and maybe you will not be returning to school anytime soon. Everyone’s circumstances are different. Perhaps you have been brought up in a broken home and hardly have any support, or you still got the full support of your parents. You’re not sure where to start. Why not blog? Help others and create a support network for women or men who have become parents at a young age. Help with and make others understand the challenges and pressures that parents and teenagers can relate to, and that comes with teenage pregnancies. You don’t need a degree to become a blogger or to earn a lot of money. You have to know how to write and put yourself out there. Check out the other articles on this website and the links below to help you learn everything you need to learn about getting yourself started with blogging.

Starting a new career

Being a single parent with a full-time job raising one, two or more kids can make you feel so stuck especially, if you’re doing a job that you don’t enjoy. You’re wondering where to start or how to carve time to learn something new so that you can transition over to something new. Why not begin with blogging and find out for yourself how blogging helps single parents get financial freedom. Better to be free doing and building something that is you then building someone else’s dream. People have this old theory that you need to struggle and strive for a change when blogging gives you the freedom to do what you love and helps others at the same time.

Feel motivated, driven, renewed passionate

Feel motivated, driven, renewed passionate

You wake up early and get dressed, make breakfast, made their lunch the night before, get the kids up, make sure they’re dressed, sit them down for breakfast, take them to school, go straight to work. Maybe you have to go to parent’s day, go to school because your child ended up at the principal’s office and a hundred things that perhaps not supposed to happen on that day happened or you’re lucky that you had a normal day if normal even exists in your life with the way life is going currently. You don’t know how to break out of this pattern and find that the only time you can do this is at night, i.e. when the kids are in bed, that’s when your life begins. The more you see results over time and speak to people, the more you can build your online business on the side. Success has a way of lifting your spirits and everything that happens around you because your feelings are being raised. Once results begin to come in, you’ll have more motivation, drive, feel renewed and even more passionate, which is a bonus to why blogging also helps single parents get financial freedom.

Perhaps you’re a single mum going to college with a huge loan or a single parent with a huge credit card debt

Putting yourself out there and your situation via your blog will help so many people and most of all you will find that you’re not alone. In current times people have wrecked up huge debts, and students have a lot of pressure having this at the back of their mind when they’re just starting to earn money. As you make progress on your blog and build relationships, you will have the opportunity to earn money through affiliate marketing or sponsored content, which is another way how blogging helps single parents get financial freedom. You have the choice and can decide what products are aligned to your values alongside who you choose to work with. With pressure around loans and credit card debt, you don’t have to take the stress, be desperate and be forced to break your values.

Take responsibility for your life and make it happen

So many people will put their debt or the thoughts they had about the life they want at the back of their mind. Perhaps you have a twenty-five-year repayment plan to pay off your loans, but very few people think that there are other ways to make a lot of money that doesn’t require you to be physically draining yourself out behind a counter or doing night shifts at a petrol station. Very few people explore other ways of making money, i.e. blogging and changing their mindset, i.e. to make decent money, you need to work so hard that you’re drained out. Very few people change their mentality to you’re working hard because you love it so much, you love to help, and you’re seeing results from trying something different; blogging. Blogging helps you to take control, follow a schedule, be responsible with your online business and forces you to take action. Why would you do all this for someone else’s business and not your own business?

How blogging helps single parents get financial freedom and time freedom

How blogging helps single parents get financial freedom and time freedom

Once you have worked out your schedule and found space to start blogging after researching for a while you have found the time freedom to start doing what you love, i.e. perhaps you found a niche or a market which is aligned to your pain points or what you’re passionate about. You will begin to understand what it’s like to do a job that you love in small amounts until you get to do what you really love by doing more of that. Perhaps, you’re only after part-time income as a supplement to your monthly income. Blogging makes it possible for you to have extra and more depending on how hard you’re working on your blog so that you can provide for your kids. It’s almost as if there are two income’s not one allowing you to feel less pressured and perfectly capable of providing for your kids. Blogging helps to better your financial situation; buying you the time to do what you want. Perhaps you want to enjoy your time with your kids doing fun and affordable activities, no need to work overtime and coming home tired, resting more knowing that you’re making money from sponsored content or affiliate links while you’re asleep, i.e. basically having your blog work for you 24/7 reaching an audience around the world and serving them.

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