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Passion is a disguise to making money

If you enjoy writing or planning to start blogging, you’ll never know how much it could fuel your passion. The more you get results from blogging and increasing brand awareness, the more you’ll be making big money blogging about your products or your passion, which you might already be doing, i.e. your business.

At the beginning making big money blogging shouldn’t be your ultimatum

People that make big money blogging do not look at blogging as a get rich quick scheme at first. You need to build an audience, and you can only get a following by giving value. That is why you should be passionate about what you’re doing because it will be easier and enjoyable for you to do it continuously, especially if it’s something you do as often as you can. You don’t know when you’ll start to see massive results. Being passionate, knowledgeable or even with the desire to inspire others allows you to keep your blog alive from anywhere in the world while you go about doing exactly what you love doing and then by transmitting that through your blog you’ll end up getting a following aligned to you, your values and beliefs. People will buy the product, but most people buy from people they like, but even better a blog allows potential customers to know, like and trust you better.

Always put your readers first

Always put your readers first

No one can make it on their own, and if you have a blog, then your number one concern should be your readers and the content you put out. The quality of your content will be the ultimate reason why a blog is successful. That is why professional marketing companies are leading with quality content. Content is king, and your readers are your bread and butter it’s the same when you are the face of a physical business situated on the high street (a typical British expression for a main road located in the city centre) or a quiet street. You cannot make money if no one relates to you, your passion and the content you’re putting out.

Sponsored content

Sponsored content is when advertisers pay you money to drop in their name or a name of their product in your articles. Make sure you read the rules though for your country for bloggers who publish sponsored posts but if you’ve got a good following or a following that is growing you could make big money blogging.

Make big money through affiliate marketing

An affiliate marketer wants to sell a product that is associated with your blog and approaches you. He/she will agree with you on the amount of commission they would give you from each customer that buys from your website. You will get an affiliate link to put onto your blog while writing your articles or a link to use where you think it would be good to mention their product. When a reader or potential customer clicks on the link, they can track who bought the product from your website. Today you can be part of an affiliate program with Amazon and so many other businesses.

To make big money blogging, you will need to build relationships in the real and cyber world

Sitting at your computer blogging isn’t going to cut it you would need to respond to your messages, comments and to those interested in working with you or that want to work with you, i.e. affiliate partners, selling digital products, sponsored content, your followers and people bringing traffic to your website.

To make big money blogging, you don’t have to have a CV

To make big money blogging, you don’t have to have a CV

By having a blog and blogging regularly, you are building your credibility as a writer, an expert about the product or your passion, you are helping people, and you might even write about their pain points. Other people within that profession or people that are somewhat specialising in different areas will start to consult your blog. The more you’re getting feedback, and the more you’re discussing this with your followers whether you’re responding to their comments or attacking the important points head-on by making it a topic for your next blog post. By being the expert, you will know what works what doesn’t work, what to use what not to use, and with time you might even be known as a problem solver. You will be approached directly by companies and professionals without needing a CV; after all, your work is already being demonstrated publicly through your website.

To make big money blogging, you don’t need a CV to become a freelance writer

You could be approached to write for others and can showcase the work you’ve done on your website by putting your own portfolio and charging your fee. You can set this section up in a way where people can leave reviews on your site so that when business or professionals approach you to write for them, they are almost certain. This saves you and them a lot of time.

If you enjoy writing, what’s stopping you from publishing a book and selling it on your website?

You can repurpose your blog posts and create an eBook, and from the time you’ve engaged with your readers, followers, potential customers and existing customers, you would already know what topics or posts to discard and which ones to add into your eBook. Now you have the opportunity to expand specific blog posts which you’ve couldn’t previously do because you didn’t have the insight which you currently have. You will also have an idea which blog posts were more popular than others through feedback, tracking and analytics.

Why not make big money by running blogging and writing workshops?

Why not make big money by running blogging and writing workshops?

As you keep learning how to blog and getting results with time, you can teach others how you’ve done it, and if you’re writing a book or releasing one, your blog is the perfect place to advertise your workshops. These days you can even run an online workshop, seminar or a live event using platforms where you can have online meetings for a minimal cost. The sky is the limit.

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