Today, to build a website and to run it as an online business is much easier compared to back then. A blog is basically a business these days. The publishing world has changed because of blogging.

Back then, when a firm had a website, it would stay static. A lot of costs went into paying programmers, the platform, to maintain the site etc. It was almost as if an online store came up, but it’s only until recent years that people started purchasing online.

  • Being a blogger changes the web, here’s why – As businesses get websites done and the more the website kept growing new platforms started arriving. This allows a small business or a start-up business to be able to have an online presence with very minimal running costs. When blogging came in, it revolutionised the web, but along with that, new software has come in so that people can publish content quickly.
  • Seventy-six point five million of all blogs are using WordPress according to the link below. Firms use WordPress as a platform that one can build a full service on.
  • Being a blogger changes the web. Here’s another reason why – You are adding to the content that’s already out there on the internet for people to access. You get to publish your content for free and can also get many eyes on it using the internet by using unpaid advertising. The blog itself is unpaid advertising. Not only are you giving value, sharing information, but through learning how to blog properly and learning about SEO, you can use many free ways of distributing your content. Unlike traditional publishing, you get to reach a huge number of people collectively who hang out in groups in social media, for example.
Being a blogger changes the web. Here’s why
  • If you have been thinking, researching and studying new concepts or theories and want to reach a global audience at a quicker rate, then blogging is an effective way of reaching and reaching out to your audience. There are more and more people accessing the internet on the go through their mobiles, i.e. on the way to a meeting they’re looking at their phone while sitting in the train or in the car while some people are also using their laptops and tablets. The speed at which information is being shared today has brought companies to build online stores.
  • Being a blogger changes the web. Here’s another good reason why – Having a website isn’t enough these days. You’ve built your site and thought that you’d have many people coming to your site. A newly built site just left without updating, SEO, ways to get organic traffic is basically sitting like a shop in the middle of a dessert that no one knows about. By blogging, you’re getting people entering your shop, the more you target your audience, and by putting out fresh content you create alongside using unpaid or paid advertising people will start entering your online shop.
  • It’s easy to learn how to manage a website these days, and by taking a short course, you can even develop your own website your way. Being a blogger changes the web, and this is another reason why. You can design your website and revolutionise website designing by using your creativity. You’ll be surprised how you can catch the attention of your audience by a catchy attractive site. You might not only get a name for your brand but also for having one of the coolest websites on the internet.
  • According to this link there are seventy-seven percent of internet users reading blogs regularly and a quarter of all websites on the internet are blogs.
  • Have you ever wondered what happened to the world of newspapers? You, being a blogger, change the web by using your website as a classified section to empower and employ people. Over the recent years, companies save money in paying agencies to find employees that are a right fit for them by having a careers section and by blogging, people who like the product and content might even think working for you is the best place for them or the best decision they could ever make. Companies save themselves loads of agency fees and hire directly by putting a notice on their website.
Being a blogger changes the web. Here’s why
  • Here’s another reason being a blogger changes the web. especially if you’re a writer or an entrepreneur. Why wait till you get a publishing deal these days when you can create your website, sell your books online, blog alongside social media releasing new content and linking it to where you’re selling your book. When publishers publish a book, they have limited budget and time until they remove your book and market the next book they have in line. Why be a number when you can control how you market your books and content? The upside of this is that your content and your name is always getting eyeballs compared to a limited marketing plan that goes alongside a publishing contract.
  • By combining e-commerce and blogging, you save yourself tons of expenses in running a business physically. Today people don’t have time and prefer to buy online and by having an effective returns policy for those who change their mind you’re basically making money without being physically present, paying employees, and being active which gives you time freedom.
  • By having time freedom, you can run your web business from practically any location. The more you try new things, explore new places, by running your business from a laptop you might even find that by travelling while running your business you might bump into a revolutionary product that you can offer on your site that not many of your competitors have. You can bring this into your blog by talking about the product and showing people via video and photo how it works, how it looks, and what it actually does. If you have a global audience, you would be able to do it on the spot using live videos to see if your customers and potential customers like it or not. From there, you will know whether to make arrangements for it to go onto your e-commerce store or not.

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